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By | February 22, 2024

TreeSize Professional Crack Plus Torrent

Treesize Professional Crack

TreeSize Professional Crack is a popular disk space management software developed by JAM Software. It provides users with detailed insights into the distribution of disk space on their systems. Allowing them to efficiently manage and optimize storage usage. The software visually represents the size of files and folders on a disk, making it easy for users to identify which files or folders are consuming the most space. Tree Size Professional generates detailed reports showing the size of each file and folder. As well as their respective percentages of total disk space. These reports can help users identify large files and directories that may be candidates for deletion or archiving.

Uses of this app:

Users can search for specific files or folders within their directory structure and apply filters based on file size, date, and other criteria to narrow down results. Tree Size Professional seamlessly integrates with Windows Explorer, allowing users to access its features directly from the Windows context menu. Users can schedule regular scans to automatically monitor disk space usage over time and receive notifications when predefined thresholds are exceeded. Tree Size Professionals can analyze disk space usage on network drives and servers. Provide administrators with insights into storage utilization across their network infrastructure.


  • In addition to providing basic information about file and folder sizes. Tree Size Professional offers comprehensive details such as file attributes, permissions, and file age. This level of granularity enables users to make more informed decisions when determining which files to delete, archive, or prioritize for storage optimization.
  • Beyond just visualizing disk space usage. Tree Size Professional includes robust file management tools that allow users to perform various actions directly from within the application. This includes the ability to move, copy, rename, and delete files and folders. As well as the option to compress or archive them to free up additional disk space.
  • Tree Size Professional is capable of analyzing not only local disks but also external drives. Network sharing and cloud storage services. This versatility makes it a valuable tool for users who need to manage disk space across a diverse range of storage devices and platforms.
  • For users who prefer to work with familiar office productivity tools, Tree Size Professional offers seamless integration with Microsoft Excel and Word. This enables users to export disk space reports directly to Excel spreadsheets or Word documents. Facilitating further analysis and documentation as needed.

Why Users choose this app:

  • Users can also choose Tree Size Professional for its highly accurate analysis of disk space usage. The software provides precise information about file and folder sizes. Helping users also identify space-hungry files and directories with ease.
  • Tree Size Professional is known for its fast scanning capabilities. Allows users to quickly assess disk space usage without significant delays. This efficiency is particularly beneficial for users who need to analyze large volumes of data within limited time frames.
  • Users appreciate Tree Size Professional’s comprehensive reporting features, which enable them to generate detailed reports on disk space usage in various formats. Include charts, tables, and graphs. These reports facilitate better decision-making by providing clear visual representations of storage trends and patterns.

Treesize Professional Crack


  • Advanced Visualization Tools:

Tree Size Professional offers advanced visualization tools that go beyond simple pie charts and graphs. Users can explore disk space usage through interactive tree maps. Allowing for a more intuitive understanding of storage consumption patterns. This visual approach enhances usability and helps users identify storage inefficiencies more effectively.

  • Advanced Filtering and Analysis Options:

In addition to basic search and filter functionalities, Tree Size Professional offers advanced filtering and analysis options that cater to the needs of powerful users and IT professionals. Users can apply complex filters based on file attributes, metadata, and custom criteria. This also enables them to focus their analysis on specific subsets of data and gain deeper insights into storage usage patterns.


In conclusion, Tree Size Professional stands out as a comprehensive and powerful disk space management solution for individuals, businesses, and IT professionals. With its intuitive user interface, accurate disk space analysis, and advanced visualization tools, the software makes it easy to identify storage inefficiencies and reclaim valuable disk space. Its intelligent duplicate file detection capabilities. Integration with storage management policies and support for disk clean-up and optimization further enhance its utility and efficiency.

Moreover, Tree Size Professional offers scalability for enterprise environments and seamless integration with third-party storage solutions. Make it suitable for organizations of all sizes. Overall, Tree Size Professional provides a robust set of features and benefits that address the diverse needs of users, making it a top choice for effective disk space management.

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